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Zinn – plusticboy You might have notic from the shar examples above: the biggest AI influencer accounts are “ladies.” But I found a man: Zinn , with 48,400 followers on Instagram. Looks like a brother of Imma (and a sister of RIA ). Despite being the largest male influencer account I could find, he has “only” 48,400 followers. I wonder if that will change. Virtual influencer Zinn. 7. Noonoouri -oonoouri In this row of examples, Noonoouri (403,000 Instagram followers) is the least ‘real’-seeming influencer. That immiately makes this influencer interesting.

A nice mix between real and fake

Between fantasy and reality. Digital avatar Noonouri. Noonoouri has had a collaboration with the Prada brand, among others. Just like Lil Miquela. Big brands know how to find digital influencers, but Prada has already creat its own AI influencer: Candy. You can see her in action in the video below: 8. Nobody Sausage –obodysausage This last example is a bit out of place with the above, but I couldn’t resist mentioning it here. I’ve been following Nobody Sausage’s account Belarus Phone Number List on Instagram for quite some time. Something about that crazy pink sausage caught my attention and made me happy. And I’m not the only one. The account now has 6.5 million followers.

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What I didn’t know until writing this article is that

Nobody Sausage also collaborates with brands. For example, the sausage in the example below can be seen wearing a BOSS hoodie . 32,403 likes, the maker must earn good money with that! In addition to this collaboration with Hugo Boss, Nobody Sausage has already enter into collaborations with Samsung and Grupo Natalia Beauty via TikTok (20.7 million followers!). In 2021, this pink sausage was the fastest growing virtual influencer. So a digital influencer B2C Lead doesn’t have to be that realistic at all. Now the question is: are AI influencers the future or is it just hype? In any case, given the rapid growth and popularity of the above accounts, we cannot ignore this development.

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