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In Italy, he first collaborat with the Communist Party of Marco Rizzo, whose Youth Feration (FGCI), This text condemn the 42 parties was also the work of the Greek communists, aid by the Turkish and Mexican CPutin’s Russia or the spiritual disengagement of Europe Igor Torbakov In June 2021, Vladimir Putin invok in an article the “trine nation” (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine) and the “historic unity” of Russians and Ukrainians, and warn of a hostile takeover of the neighbor country by the West.

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Cultural distanc from the supposly decadent Europe, which intellectuals close to the Kremlin have forc for years.It is indisputable that relations between the European Union and Russia have hit rock bottom. In early 2021, Moscow even threaten India Phone Number List to cut all ties with the Union, and its foreign minister saw fit to quote the Latin proverb ” Si vis pacem para bellum ” (“If you want peace, prepare for war”). to underline the determination of his country. In view of the recent escalation in Ukraine, this threat was clearly more serious than many in Europe want to believe at the time. Of course, all eyes are on the political and economic implications of the widen chasm between Moscow and Brussels.

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The immaterial aspects of the change in the

International behavior of the Kremlin receive less attention. Since the Crimea move and the debacle in eastern Ukraine, the political imagination of Moscow’s elites has chang dramatically.  from Europe. Noth documents this drastic change more clearly than a 2014 memo, publish in connection with the development of a new political-cultural concept. “Russia must be understood as a unique and distinct civilization that cannot be ruc to either the West (Europe) or the East,” the authors wrote, add bluntly “In short, this thesis – confirm by the entire B2C Lead history of the country and of his people – says Russia is not Europe’. « A new world » Over the past three or four centuries, Russian interpretations of what is European and what is Russia’s relationship to Europe have fluctuat constantly. In the era of Peter the Great, his court geographers and historians were instrumental in rraw Europe’s borders.

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