Martech is exactly where In the market environment

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And make full use of the first-hand customer data collect. to create its own marketing ecosystem. Taiwan also produc.  Martech is exactly Taiwan’s first Martech map “Taiwan Marketing Technology Map 2021” by the Asia-Pacific Marketing Digital Transformation Alliance (AMT) in 2021. which has been updat. to the fourth .ition. Martech 2023 MapImage source: AMT Get a glimpse of the key footholds of technology marketing from CRM When it comes to marketing. in the past. thinking was mostly product-orient.. production-orient. or sales-orient..

However in today’s consumer-orient

Personaliz.” and “customer-center.” CRM (customer relationship management) is emphasiz.. ) has gradually replac. the old values ​​and become the mainstream thinking of marketing in the new era. Enterprises Nepal WhatsApp Number List  no longer rely solely on externally collect. third-party data to push advertisements to only a rough outline of the audience. but make good use of the first-hand information they have. Information. proactively create value or experience that is better than that of competitors for consumers who have been expos. to the brand. and then increase consumer loyalty to the brand through every activity and awakening.

If the goal is to be customer-centric and

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Provide better service value. we can divide it into three stages: “pre-sales marketing. sales. and after-sales customer Pakistan WhatsApp Number List  service” bas. on the interaction process between enterprises and consumers.  where digital tools are develop.. an operational trend born around the operational concept of CRM is d.icat. to achieving the ultimate goal through IT systems: increasing value.

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