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Meaning Economy The value of intertwined life – Kees KlompBook tips cover meaning economics source: kees clog and Noordhoff Economic growth seems to the ultimate recipe for a flourishing world. But we now  story: climate change, growing wealth inequality, an increase in the numr of people with depression or burnout and so on. According to author Kees Klomp, there is an existential crisis. That is why it is time to look for a new economic narrative the economy of meaning . In this book he shows you the way out of the current crises. 7. Online Editorial HandbookCover handbook online editorial source.

Geert gate and corona de wert

Indispensable tools for the content and communication specialist – Geert Poort & Corona de Wert As the title says: indispensable tool. This book offers tools for creating and perfecting content for websites, social media, search engines and conversion. It also helps you build a sophisticated Ukraine Phone Number List online strategy. Elbrich Raessen about the book in her review : ‘Where ‘the internet’ provides a lot of fragmented information (a bit of everything) you have a complete book in your hands here, in which all separate parts connect to each other.

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It is nicely written and contains many

Practical examples without losing sight of the strategic frameworks.’ 8. Thought LeadershipCover Thought Leadership Source: Mignon Van Halderen and Brandon Martens As a success factor in a changing society – Mignon van Halderen & Brandon Martens We are all familiar with the B2C Lead term thought leadership, but what exactly does it mean? And how can you actually put it into practice? This book offers you a refreshing view and concrete tools to develop thought leadership in your own organization.

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