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Has become an information battleground, but also a means to galvanize support for Ukrainians and a useful tool for the proliferation of mislead stories that distribute fake content for quick profit through videos ask for donations. for the Ukrainian cause. If this is, as the French philosopher gar Morin put it, ” the first cyberwar in the history of humanity “, it is about to become the first in which two great global trends in digitization meet forces techno-authoritarianism, both both China and Russia on the one hand, and the.

American Silicon Valley model on the other

In which private companies deploy what Shoshana Zuboff calls “surveillance capitalism”. Long before the invasion, the digital world had already begun to divide in a technological confrontation mark by the rivalry between China and the Unit States. Russian “sovereignty” over the Costa Rica Phone Number List internet had already been built on the basis of information censorship and the persecution of political opposition. Kremlin allies controll VKontakte, the Russian version of Facebook. Since 2019, a law on “internet sovereignty” had already forc all online service providers to go through the digital censorship filters of the.

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Feral Service for Supervision of Telecommunications

Information Technology and Mass Mia (Roscomnadzor ). Nevertheless,Putin’s casus belli . The Russian encrypt message network Telegram has become a perfect instrument for measur the confrontation of narratives about the war, as it became a powerful communication tool for both Russians and Ukrainians dur the conflict.  a useful information mium for journalists who are in Ukraine, especially for the creation of news channels aim at a younger audience. Even President Volodymyr Zelensky relies heavily on his official Telegram channel to address Ukrainians and political leaders around the world, as well as drive fundrais. for your country. Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram does not limit the number of users per channel B2C Lead and there is practically no content moderation, so it has also function as a space to mobilize support for Russian troops, as evidenc by the popularity of the Intel Slava Z channel.

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