Inflation and wages in the Spanish regions: Is there

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Risk of an inflationary spiral? Inflation and wages in the Spanish regions: Is there a risk of an inflationary spiral Business Administration and . Management – ​​Lugo In this entry we are going to review the most recent evolution of the inflation rate in the Spanish regions.  Trying to make a first evaluation of the potential impact that said evolution may have on wage agreements in collective agreements.  An evaluation that will.  In all case. preliminary. Waiting for the data that we will know throughout the year . I am not going to dwell.  On the causes of the resurgence of inflation or on the macroeconomic consequences.

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European Central Bank will be forced to reduce or limit the monetary stimulus programs that it had been applying in the recent years and which have led to historically low interest rates for an extremely long  Spain WhatsApp Data period of time. The probable increases in interest rates will cause contraction effects in aggregate demand, which will impact European economies to a greater or lesser extent depending on their degree of exposure to monetary shocks. Figure 1 summarizes a known evolution. The inflation rate, after long periods .  To begin an escalation at the beginning of  that has not yet ended. Partly fueled by the rise in energy prices and . More recently by the effects of the war caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

If in March the inflation rate was  later

It stood at 9.8%. This increase in inflation has been homogeneous from a regional point of view: all the autonomous communities have registered a variation India WhatsApp Number List  similar to that described for the. The Balearic Islands presented the smallest increase (7.8 points more) followed by. Navarra the Canary Islands and  regions with the highest . Average annual broadband growth rates are related to the lowest starting percentages of Broadband connection.   In this sense, the digital gap in terms of Broadband connection in  is between .

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