In the CED study, directed by Recaño it was stated

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The situation is so dramatic that, in the coming years, no less than  towns will disappear from the municipal map of Spain due to lack of inhabitants. He says that the problem has  in recent decades. The  loss of population, population aging and lack of generational replacement for decades put at risk the environmental, demographic, social sustainability and cultural heritage  will also influence urban spaces and territorial sustainability, in general.  To this territorial problem, the . EU in this multi-annual period has  for an investment to support regional development actions, especially on its rural territories in greatest danger of depopulation.

Actions that are complemented by other community

Policies They are  the municipal level and civil society are also  to demand the attention of other administrations, also providing solutions. Our attention Israel WhatsApp Data  will focus on Spain. Although data on Portugal also appears since this content comes from an initial investigation that  both states. We  to take the data  at the municipal scale and for . The basic scale has been the municipal scale and the data have been  with the support of a GIS. Thus, this set of maps and figures shows an overview of the demographics of Spain, but also of Portugal and, very particularly, of its municipal scale, both rural and urban municipalities. quadrant) than to the Mediterranean coast.

Therefore, it is a priority for the improvement

Rural environments to configure digital ecosystems in which citizens, companies and local administrations can be effectively . Citizens perceive as a necessity the improvement of communication with  Mexico WhatsApp Number List administrations and the quality and transparency in the services that municipalities offer to citizens. Likewise developing innovation projects in rural areas . That incorporate digital technologies in traditional productive activities. In  that must be present in any rural development agenda.

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