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This research does not claim to be representative because the politiciz public of the Internet is very different from that of a statistically consistent sample at the national level. However, it indicates a rapid change in attitude. If on February 25, only 29 of the survey participants call Russia an aggressor, just a week later, on March 3, 53 of the respondents gave the same answer. In contrast, the number of those who consider the Russian mission in Ukraine “liberat” fell from 28 to 12. 14 blam Russia for the conflict on February 25, but on March 3 that percentage rose.

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West or “all sides” had declin negligibly, and the view that Ukraine was to blame was marginal. On the other hand, the number of those who think that the economic consequences of current events will be “catastrophic” for Russia has grown 1.5 times, from 40 to 60. “Never before in the history of our opinion research service have we seen such a dynamic in popular opinion. In just a few days of war, the attitudes of. Russians have chang dramatically,” the Greece Phone Number List poll organizers wrote. There are frequent cases of people who have chang their minds in the last two weeks.

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The communist Duma deputy Mikhail

Matveyev, who vot for the recognition of the sovereignty of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic (two  Ukraine), became one of the symbols of this painful awaken «I vot for peace, not for war. I vot for the Donbas to stop be bomb, not for the bombs to fall on Kiev,” he wrote . on Twitter on February 26. Some politicians did the same. But today, most of these transformations occur at the grassroots level. Someone who had B2C Lead support the “special operation” from the beginn changes their mind once mass. Layoffs begin in their town, or someone they know is be recruit and forc to sign a contract that allows the military to send them to a hot zone. . Tactic Throughout the two weeks of the war, anti-war protests took place in the streets almost every day. But the repressive police regime had no trouble controll them.

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