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Digital Marketing encompasses several others, Digital Marketing: tips to get started Check out, now, other skills that I consider fundamental within Digital Marketing: there’s no point in making ads with wonderful designs and producing content In addition frequently if that’s not enough to generate revenue , that is, The 5 biggest skills you must have Know about sales For me, the main skill , both to start and to be successful in Digital Marketing — and which is not taken into account by most professionals — is knowing about sales .such as: Email Marketing ; Website creation ; Marketing Automation ; Data analysis.

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Oops, and since I mentioned data , here is another fundamental advantage of Digital Marketing compared to traditional marketing: the digital  environment offers a series of precious indicators and metrics , which would not be possible to obtain offline. Digital Marketing indicators and metrics Some examples are: Number of visitors to the website ( paid and organic traffic ); Number of people reached by each action; Bounce new data Rate (bounce rate); Cost Per Click (CPC) in your ads; Cost Per Thousand (CPM) ad views; Cost Per Lead (CPL) ; Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) ; Return on Investment (ROI) ; Lifetime Value (LTV).

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A good Marketing professional needs to know what they are for and how to use Digital Marketing tools and metrics . Not that the person has to be an . Expert in all of them, but it is important to . Understand at least the . Basics of each one. In the video below. You can check out a general overview of Digital Marketing presented . B y our COO, Lauro Becker: . Digital Marketing Overview Tip: How to work B2C Lead with Digital . Marketing: tips to get started Check out, now. Other skills that I consider fundamental within.

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