However a whole new area of ​​AI development

Developers get the biggest productivity boost for now. Where web development time decreases, there is more room for things that were not discussed. Improved quality, performance, accessibility and edge cases. In our view, the demand for custom software is still much greater than the supply, for now the developers will remain busy. In addition, they can get started with integrating AI models for the most difficult problems. Everyone can participate We won’t be the first to notice, IT work is largely digital and therefore lends itself perfectly to AI and automation. Does the old idea that IT jobs are future-proof still hold.

For developers and IT professionals, this

Question comes as no surprise, their skills and daily practice were always in constant change. However, the pace is picking up and the playing field is widening. The special thing is that everyone with AI has taken the first step on the developer ladder. As a developer you start with scripting, drawing up a list of commands that are executed step by step. That is very similar Slovenia Phone Number List to ChatGPT. We already ask AI questions such as “download every invoice from this email address, put it in the cloud and send it to the accountant” . That used to be work for the developer, that will now disappear. is opening up, where everyone can participate for a change. And the experts.

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As we said at the beginning, they have

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