How to find a job online

In the current economic situation, many professionals are unemployed and must persistently search for new professional opportunities every day.  Social networks are a very effective tool to help you find a new job. Below I am going to present a series of tips that will surely be very useful to you in this arduous task. Search for a job on the internet monitor your online reputation . Search google for your name and check that no reference appears about you that could be detrimental in a selection process: comments on forums, having your facebook profile open, criticism on twitter of your latest work, photos of that party that you don’t remember nothing… create a profile on the main professional social networks . If you don’t have it yet, sign up for linkedin, viadeo and xing .

clearly and precisely detail your career experience

It also offers you the possibility of participating in forums Canadian Hospitals Email List or learning about events that may interest you. Update it and clearly and precisely detail your career, experience and attitudes. Focus your profile on the job you are looking for and detail your experience and knowledge. Be careful, never lie. It can be counterproductive to put on an attitude and then not be able to demonstrate it in an interview. If you claim to be an “seo expert,” the question will be: “tell me a page that you have positioned correctly.” create a blog where you reflect on different topics in your profession or where you propose new ideas. This is optional. If you see yourself capable and eager, become a blogger on a topic related to your profession. Of course, if you are not willing to dedicate the time to it, don’t do it, it can be counterproductive. Check daily all the emails with job offers that you receive from job search portals.

Participate in forums or discussion groups

Be aware. This network, based on your resume, directly selects B2C Lead offers that may interest you. Create a search on twitter with the hashtag #job +# .  Demonstrate your knowledge, start a conversation with other professionals, share experiences… Network. Ask other contacts to recommend you . Surely throughout your professional career you have made countless contacts and perhaps now they are willing to lend you a hand. Ask them to make a recommendation of your work. Through linkedin you can ask them directly and then also add it to your resume.

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