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Digital payments overview More than half of Italians pay digitally. This is done by . million inhabitants of a country with a population of almost million. Over the course of , the number of people paying online increas by compar to . The value of online payment transactions is growing much faster. The total annual value of digital transactions is over $ billion. This is more by. The average annual value of digital payments per user in was USD , and was higher than in the previous year. Most popular payments The first online payment method in Italy in is PayPal with an average monthly number of transactions of. The second most popular is PostePay, a payment system operat by Poste Italiane.

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Just over , Italians pay with Bitcoin a month, while , use American Express. The most common payment methods As a payment method for online purchases, Italians most often choose Paypal and similar solutions of ecommerce users do  so. Debit or crit cards are also popular, with of Italians using them. Italian Latest Mailing Database customers show little interest in cash on delivery, traditional bank transfer or invoices. Promotion channels In , Italian entrepreneurs us a whole range of opportunities to advertise their ebusinesses. The largest part of the “pie” was taken by SEM activities . Right behind social mia advertising , SEO , email marketing.

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Marketing channels such as sponsorship, advertising in price comparison websites, remarketing , advertising in traditional mia (television, radio, press), banners, affiliate marketing and automat advertising collect less than of expenses. Strategies Preferr brand reputation enhancement strategies awareness and increase the reputation of their brands? First of all, they focus on customer service quality of the purchase process efficient  delivery – communication B2C Lead in social mia Slightly fewer brands choose investments for this purpose . The activities undertaken by Italian companies also include loyalty programs, convenient payment systems, an active press office and advertising, as well as organizing events.

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