Here are the 6 stages of a common marketing

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This is the most basic stage. And then there is loyalty support. Whether it is in software user acquisition. Marketing activities.  Here are the  Or product sales. Apply marketing funnels and even propose new funnels in response to the evolution of the times and the development of diversifi industries. funnel: 6 common stages of marketing funnel 1. Exposure and awareness the top level of the marketing funnel is the stage where consumers are expos to the brand.

Consumers at this  Here are the stage have not yet

Had a clear image of interest. They are expos to brand information through multiple channels such as traditional  Mexico Telegram Number Data advertising. Digital advertising. Communities. Channel advertising. Forums. Etc.. Or through internet celebrities. Joint cooperation. Events and other marketing activities. According to a survey by market research company insider intelligence. About 84% of consumers first come into contact with a brand through other means than the official website.

Therefore The brand strategy at this

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Stage should understand the profile of target customers and analyze which channels introduce customers with the  Chile Telegram Number List best potential value. . Use this to formulate channel marketing strategies to acquire more high-potential customers. 2. Interest by organizing events. Word-of-mouth and internet celebrity marketing. We convey brand value and concepts. And when consumers have nes or are arous. Our good brand impression will make consumers willing to take the initiative to further interact and search for more brand information.

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