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For Dmitri Trenin, director of the Carnegie Center in. Moscow, Europe has ceas to be “homeland”, “sacr” or even “friend”. To today’s Russia it is simply “one of many neighbors, part of a great Eurasia stretch from Ireland to Japan.” The strategic goal of develop. Close cooperation and political alliance with Europe – an idea that still fascinat the minds of liberal intellectuals and politicians in Russia dur the 1990s – is now consider unworkable, if not harmful.

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Connect to its European roots. Timofei Bordashev, a lead Moscow analyst, opines that “it is impossible to move. Forward without depart from an essential part of [our] own heritage, includ perhaps its core Croatia Phone Number List the European character of the Russian state.”6. Europe as a source of innovation is consider exhaust . “We got everyth we ne from Europe a long time ago. Karaganov and other like-mind political analysts soberly and coolly observe. “Everyth else,” they say, “either we already  can’t handle it from a historical point of view, Russia is an authoritarian state.

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Fact that we are historically link to an authoritarian system of government and not to liberal democracy»7. Ultimately, that’s what it’s all about. What worries the angry men in the Kremlin is not “Gayropa” – a cuckoo produc for domestic consumption – but the fundamental political ideals and values ​​of the European Union human dignity and freom, the rule of law, democracy and tolerance. It is these aspects of Europe’s heritage that the Kremlin rulers, presid B2C Lead over an increasly repressive authoritarian regime, cannot handle. But these “European values” are already universal. The younger generations got it. They win the streets of the entire vast country to challenge the elites in power.

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