Regimes that have come to power on the

Such a distort image is only beneficial to the Kremlin, which tries to present the current conflict as a collision of “civilizations” between Russia and the West (the constant adversary) with its “fifth column” on Russian soil. It is essential to show that the Russian workers have their own reasons for fight for peace, that they are independent of the West. And that this peace will not mean a military defeat, a new national humiliation and a territorial division of. Russia, but will return our country to its true owner the work majority of the people.

The left must fight against the collective

Guilt complex that some liberal critics of Putin impose on the people. In the hands of official propaganda, this becomes a very effective tool for unit “around the national flag.” The tragic truth is that the war China Phone Number List launch by. Putin is not a random adventure. The 30 years of post-Soviet history have l us to this catastrophe. Tremendous social inequality became the basis of the dictatorship because, along with their control over property, the poorest majority lost their political voice.

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Shameful nationalist and xenophobic

Talk has been us over the years by most of the  ruins of the Soviet Union. Pitt nations against each other, the oligarchs strengthen their power before finally br us to war. Ultimately, at the very foundation of Russia today is the 1993 military coup carri out by Vladimir Putin’s precessor, Boris Yeltsin, with the full support of Western governments. Back then, the government shot at. Parliament B2C Lead from tanks in the name of “democracy” and silenc the work class for decades, forgett their collective strength. Today we are simply reap the results of this society of inequality and exploitation. The Russian work class will have to change their country completely to stop this war.

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