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Promodo is a performance Google announced the creation marketing agency in the top ten agencies in direct media, content, and influence marketing in Ukraine. Two teams of email marketers, copywriters, and designers, as well as a developer work on email marketing.

One important aspect:

of the Promodo approach is the continual use of new technical opportunities for email newsletters, so that clients get the maximum engagement and results from China WhatsApp Number Data their email marketing, stand out among their competitors, and endorse an image of a progressive company.and part of the work with AMP move there; for clients whose email newsletters are sent from this system, AMP features are create right there. The most complex blocks are made in Stripo and exporte to CDP Yespo using perfect integration.


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Google announced the creation of AMP for email in March 2019, and the technology became available to Gmail users in July. Clients, especially huge brands, follow technical innovations and ask agencies to use AMP in promotional emails. Promodo decided to use AMP content to make email newsletters more memorable, engaging, and effective. At the same time, they wanted the email marketing team to be able to create these newsletters, rather than allocating time and resources to designers and developers.


Stripo offered AMP functionality in 2019 in the email template editor as an AMP email. Builder and AMP image carousel drag-and-drop block to speed up creating AMP emails. Thanks to this, Promodo began to use  B2C Lead  AMP almost immediately after the opportunity appeared in Stripo. Which was also in 2019. When AMP emails first appeared, they were new not only to email marketers but also to subscribers. The first AMP integrations were not as well developed as they are now. And the Stripo team stepped in and helped to build emails.

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