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For example, SK is an abbreviation of Painting, the other coding is not yet entirely clear to me. Even if you move the mouse over an image, you will see the object numbering at the bottom left of the browser. Settings RijksstudioThe URL in red in the response is the link to the painting itself. You can then save it to your PC in the browser. You can actually download the art very quickly. Now you have it on your computer and you can do something with it. You can print it on your own printer, manipulate it with a program like Photoshop into a new work or whatever.

The only limitations are your imagination and

Your digital skills. Working with Postman If you want to  the art, use a tool such as Postman. This allows you to imitate what the browser does. You do need some knowledge of REST APIs to query the collection in Postman. Query the collection using REST APIs in PostmanNow Romania Phone Number List the Rijksstudio API is fairly open, by which I mean that an API key is used in the URL (linked to your account) but there is no obligation to generate a token. A token is widely used to securely access an API. The advantage is that a token often has a limited validity, for example for an hour and then expires. If someone has the token, it can be used for a limited time.

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A token can also be withdrawn revoked in English so

that the token can no longer be used immediately. The Meural API works with a token that you can create by calling a certain API with username and password. This token must then be provided if you want to add an image to Meural. Because the Meural is accessible via the internet and you do not want everyone to be able to access it, this is a security that is B2C Lead necessary. Otherwise, anyone could be sending all sorts of images to your canvas. Integration Linking the Rijksstudio API with the Meural API is just a simple integration issue that consists of a few steps.

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