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Digital and analogue can reinforce and complement each other. The Rijksmuseum even won a Webby with the online experience Closer to Johannes Vermeer . The stories behind the painter and paintings come to life in this way. I haven’t seen the Vermeer exhibition, but I really want a Vermeer on the wall. Then of course I can download one of the four works and have it printed on a canvas. This is how we used to do it, and it was fine then, and even now. But there is another way!  Art Canvas Meural is a Digital Art Canvas and hangs on the wall at my house.

Could I get part of the Rijksmuseum collection

On the canvas myself digital canvas and I can send all kinds of images to it. Photos from the holiday, for example. But also, and that is actually the focus, art. With a capital K (top pieces) or a small k (the children’s drawings). Meural has an app that allows me to upload photos directly from my Peru Phone Number List mobile phone. Meural needs power because it’s basically a small computer with a microprocessor and 8 GB of storage. Meural on the wallOperation is easiest with the Meural app. But there is a sensor in the bottom edge of Meural with which you can also operate it with gestures.

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Think of browsing through the images

Viewing information of the artwork and settings. Sometimes it is easy to show another work of art with a gesture. In the app you can set the switching speed of the images, upload your own photos and, if you have a subscription, also send new collections that Meural offers to the canvas. For example, those of the Rijksmuseum or another museum that makes the collection available B2C Lead digitally to anyone who wants to do something with it. Is art free then? Yes and no. No, you have to pay for many museums if you want to visit them. Finally, they also have costs to maintain the collection, the building and everything around it.

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