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Read also: How do you integrate ChatGPT in your content process? For example, think of: a mood board for your concept to pitch your event to your client, for the design or catering, an image for your website and email header, or a new style for your speaker images to give them a ‘watercolor’ or ‘cartoonish’ look, for example. 3. Script You can instruct an AI application like ChatGPT to create a script for your event, podcast or webinar. The more input you give, the more complete the script. For example, indicate which subjects you want to use in any case (and which not!). For example: You are an experienced event professional.

Write a script of maximum 25 minutes

For an online webinar for Dutch digital marketers, about the future of marketing with the rise of AI. In any case, give some examples of tools that can used and the risks involved in using AI for marketing. Also add 3 interaction questions that I can ask the audience. You can supplement this Uruguay Phone Number List basis with your own examples or anecdotes. For the webinar ‘AI for events’, I tried it out myself. About 50% of the setup that Chat-GPT generated was used for the webinar! 4. Texts (website, email, social media) Once you have your event name, program and script in outline, it is very easy to use an AI application to create texts.

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For example for your website

Invitations, update emails and social media posts. ChatGPT generates a setup in less than a minute that you can tweak yourself. When Momice copywriter existence of ChatGPT, she wrote an invitation text for the webinar ‘Digi-rest for event professionals’. Then I asked ChatGPT to do the same. The result: enormous similarities in the two texts. And the difference? Fleur’s text was a lot more ‘human’. So you can use ChatGPT for the basics, but the human gaze remains important. Watch: difference ai and event communication professional AI B2C Lead can also very helpful in generating speaker bios. The tools, as it were, scan the internet and compile an accurate bio.

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