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What new possibilities does the digital world offer that no one has yet thought of? This reflection can lead to very nice new services. And you don’t have to be a big company to apply digital imagination. The concept of citizen innovation has been around for years . There are many definitions that mean that a citizen has an innovative idea that serves as a source of innovation. Anyone can have a good idea and nowadays there are so many tools available. The Waag in Amsterdam, for example, already gives citizens the opportunity to make things in their FabLab , for example with a 3D printer.

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Have the motivation to see if you can realize your idea, where when digital imagination and citizen innovation come together, beautiful things can arise. Rijksstudio Years ago I wrote about Rijksstudio, where the digitized pieces of the Rijksmuseum can be viewed. And, that is special, also by Qatar Phone Number List using it in new projects, artistic expressions or whatever. Both individually and commercially. In fact, the Rijksmuseum encourages people to get to work. For example, you can download an image and have it printed to hang at home. The Rijksmuseum’s.

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Exhibition ever, 650,000 people have seen it and many more people have not. Because only a certain number of people can view the exhibition per day. The limitation of the analog world! Digitally, the limitation is of course much less. a browser. It’s not the same, but digital isn’t always worse. Also read: Social advertising: we can learn this from the Girl with a Pearl Earring In fact, digital has possibilities that analog does not have or only has to a limited extent. For B2C Lead example, providing explanations for paintings that go beyond a small sign next to the painting in the museum itself. It is also the case that many more people can view this at the same time.

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