Even if the customer chooses to

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At this moment, you not only gain a  Even if the positive impression of the brand, but also increase the chance of the customer being awaken. “No longer want to receive promotional letters,” you also have the benefit of being able to re-examine the marketing list. Track performance and adjustments awakening lost members will not be a one-time event.

Please be sure to track the effectiveness

Of the arousal activities to confirm whether the investment this time is correct and whether there is room for  Italy Telegram Number Data optimization and adjustment to make the next arousal more effective. At its most basic, you can track the overall conversion rate in your communication list. If we target open letters, then conversion = open letter, and if we target repurchase, then conversion = repurchase.

Advanced tracking is which customers are

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Successfully awaken and whether these customers have any common characteristics that can be us in the future. In  Cambodia Telegram Number List addition, continuing to track the customers who are successfully awaken not only converts this time, but also has second and third interactions, which can also be us as an extend evaluation of the effectiveness of awakening to confirm that the effectiveness of awakening does not only bring temporary one-time customers.

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