Many fundamental European values ​​

By designat the Urals as the eastern border of Europe, they decidly includ most of the western territory of the Russian Empire within the old continent. This type of mental mapp serv as the symbolic basis for the policy of Europeanization promot by both Peter the Great and Catherine the Great. In her acclaim “Nakaz,” the great “draft” of her 1767 policy, Catherine openly declar “Russia is a European state.” For the next two centuries there was constant back and forth over whether and to what extent Russia was “European.” But as the Soviet Union drew to a close, the Kremlin seem to have adopt Catherine’s formula.

One of Mikhail Gorbachev’s favorite

Ideas was that of a “common European home.” Boris Yeltsin spoke of a “return to European civilization” and, in 2005, Vladimir Putin claim that Russia was “a European power” that had develop and chang “hand in hand with other European nations” over the past three centuries. These days, however, the Kremlin proclaims that Russia is an Indonesia Phone Number List autonomous civilization that differs from the European one. The country’s lead political thinkers say Russia nes to break free of Eurocentric ideas. Accord to political scientist Sergey Karaganov, “for 100 years there has been talk of the ‘decline’ of Europe. But now it seems that a critical stage has been reach. In Rossiya v globalnoj politike.

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Russia’s lead foreign policy magazine

Karaganov claims that the Europe of the European Union rejects “that have become part of Russian identity.” The “new” values ​​and “ideologies” of the European Union – offensive democracy promotion, minority rights, feminism, LGBTI rights, movements like Black Lives Matter or MeToo – are “toxic”. That is why, accord to Karaganov, the time has come to question Russia’s “general cultural and spiritual orientation towards Europe, our B2C Lead European roots.” In February 2021, Novaya Gazeta publish a “manifesto” with the title ” The Rape of Europe 2.0 “. It is express in a similar sense, albeit in much more colorful language.

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