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By analyzing and collecting the integrat data. You can find out the characteristics and preferences of the target customer groups and formulate target marketing strategies. . Practically speaking. In the initial stage. Brands focus on acquiring new customers through advertising and accumulating vague audience information and market awareness. Then. They can also obtain online sales and behavioral data through website and e-commerce operations; finally.  the relationship between the brand and the customer. And identifying the unique identity of each data trace. Can run smoothly and drive market research no matter what marketing tool analysis is us in the future.

Target customer group analysis bas on

Product positioning and market research. Brands can usually formulate target customer groups before the implementation Belgium Telegram Number Data  of marketing activities. After a period of operation. They can adjust their marketing strategies through operational effectiveness analysis and gradually enrich customer profiles. For example. During the membership registration phase of the official account of a well-known alcoholic beverage brand line. A survey on product preferences was introduc to label groups bas on these characteristics.

This will provide a basis for subsequent

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Planning activities. If the new product is a fruit-flavor wine. You can filter audience tags with similar preferences to promote specific messages; if you want to develop cross-border cooperation with catering  Algeria Telegram Number List and food industries. Existing customer profiles can also become promote the assistance and assist both parties in formulating cooperation strategies. 3. Customer surveys and interviews conduct customer interviews. Questionnaires or focus group discussions to directly listen to customer feback and suggestions; these contents will be highly relat to the brand’s products or services. Allowing the brand and customers to stand on the same line to establish connections. Sincerely listen and then flow back to product development and optimize service experience.

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