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If there are clear rules for grouping outlines. You can also ask it to help you classify according to the rules. Figure 4 | waiting for chatgpt to analyze the data. Ask chatgpt to help you classify the groups. If there are clear grouping outline rules. You can also ask chatgpt to help you classify Especially now  according to the rules. From the above screenshots. We can see that chatgpt can inde assist marketers in presenting customer consumption data in tables.

Master MARTECH and catch up with the

New trend of technology marketing: Part 1 2022.07.20 In recent years. the new term “Martech” in the Especially now  marketing Namibia WhatsApp Number List  circle has gradually become a hot topic that marketers are paying close attention to. “Martech” comes from the combination of “Marketing” and “Technology” and generally refers to tools or technologies that can help marketing. With the With the rapid evolution of digital marketing tools. companies have become increasingly dependent on technology to promote their products. which has given rise to new marketing concepts.

​ The business model that traditionally

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Distinguishes “marketing” and “technology” is now facing the upgrading test of changing times. The two are no longer suitable for separate discussion. and must break through the shackles of past  Oman WhatsApp Number List experience. From the combination of the two. Find the most competitive way to survive. . and advertising dividends are gradually disappearing. companies ne. to gain opportunities for themselves and enhance consumers’ purchasing experience through more “personaliz.” and “automat.” service methods.

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