Easy ways you can improve your AI skills in 2024

The rise of artificial general intelligence (AI) has captured minds and imaginations at an astonishingly fast pace . But the skills businesses need to put this technology to work by 2024 are lagging behind. Spending on AI technology will top $550 billion by 2024, with an estimated hiring gap of up to 50% of total AI positions needed. At the same time, an analysis by LinkedIn found that the rise of AI in the workforce will significantly change more than half of all jobs , and the skills needed to perform all jobs will change by up to 65%. % by 2030. For this reason, employers need to prioritize, promote and encourage learning among their workforce.

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All workers have access to the resources needed to become AI literate. Table of Contents [ Show ] Summary of surveys A recent survey found that 67% of global business leaders are considering using Generative AI , but a similar number of IT leaders say their employees do not have the Industry Email List skills to use it. The AI ​​skills gap creates a broader digital skills crisis. In a global survey of more than 23,000 workers, nearly three-quarters of respondents said they lack the necessary resources to learn the digital skills needed to succeed in the current workforce and the future. What is skill enhancement? Upskilling is learning new skills for a different or expanded job function. For example, through training.

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A career in application development or UX design. Upskilling can happen on the job, as an employer-supported initiative, or on your own. Learning new skills can also be the key to B2C Lead breaking into a new industry or role. Think of it as an investment in your professional success. Learn AI or be left behind Creative AI was recently described by a prominent journalist as magic, a Promethean moment like the birth of the printing press, the industrial revolution, nuclear power and the Internet. It’s no surprise that companies are trying to hire people with the skills to integrate it into their work.

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