The spread of disinformation and

Even if, accord to experts , the military stalemate on the ground can accelerate cyberwar, in the short term the Russian strategy remains focus on censorship and control of the narrative an amalgamation of content creation and dissemination and orchestrat reactions in in which every tool has a role to play, from the so-call Russian troll farm , the St. Petersburg-bas Internet Research Agency, to Russian public mia, gray propaganda mouths, and anonymous channels pro- Kremlin on Telegram . At the height of the confusion unfold in.

Ukraine, an investigation by Pro

PublicaIt show that there has even been a paradox of us false information verifiers that deny non-existent false news. Investigators identifi at least a dozen videos denounc alleg Ukrainian propaganda campaigns that never took place. Accord to experts, the purpose is to cast doubt on any future image that denounces the impact of alleg Russian attacks. American tech giants have Czech Republic Phone Number List also become part of the information battle be wag at the expense of the war in Ukraine. At the request of the European Union.

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Google Meta and Twitter decid to act

Against accounts associat with the Kremlin to prevent, in particular, to limit access to content from official Russian channels such as RT and Sputnik. Apple remov the news app RT News from its point of sale, and YouTube block the Russian news channel. The announcement of a ban on RT and Sputnik broadcasts in the European Union is not only risky from a political perspective, but B2C Lead also difficult to implement legally. However, it demonstrates the degree of polarization of the war news scene, where censorship and emotionality have become an essential part of the story of the battlefront.

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