Advantages And Disadvantages of Drive

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Among the most popular are Livre, Zpi, Avail and RCS. Because Japan is the leader in the fishing industry, it is natural that the market is dominated by their brand. Drave – an emerging brand to challenge other established brands. What is interesting, it is made by local children from Malaysia.

To be honest, I chose Drave because of course because the price is cheaper. Its somewhat robotic design caught my attention. The choice of colors is quite large, and matches the color scheme of my CQ101.

Besides it must be because I want to support Malaysian products

Advantages And Disadvantages DRAVE custom Database handle Black & Gold – the color combination that comes with CQ 2014 finishing drive custom handle Side view of Drave custom handle Drive lock nut M7 lock nut for Shimano M5 drive knob Schematic diagram of the M5 Drive knob.

Two bearings for each knob. I chose a handle measuring 90mm (gold) with an M5 Knob with a combination of black & gold, at a price of RM460 with postage. Expensive? it is much cheaper than the Livre brand handle & knob price.

After 3 Months of Installing This Handle on My Reel. There Are Some Advantages and Disadvantages That I Can See: Advantage Lightweight. The Design is One of the Most Beautiful. The Knob is Comfortable. To Hold Strong and Strong Deficiencies. The Shaft is Not Resistant to Salt Water Erosion. Bearings Are Easy to Rust Drave is Basically a Good Product.

My only suggestion is for Drave to change improve the material


On the shaft & bearing to be more resistant to salt B2C Lead water and include a handle care manual in each of their packages. After all, if you only use it on freshwater fishing, there should be no problem at all.

After returning from the Blackbass Sri Ganda trip for two days, with the conditions of the fishing field being extreme (it’s certain that I couldn’t avoid splashing salt water on the reel), I found that my knob was no longer spinning smoothly.

I always rinse my reel after going up to the pier I suspect it is caused by the bearing having rusted and should be replaced.

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