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Mannien under our LinkedIn call: ‘Recently read the Thought Leadership book by Mignon van Halderen and Brandon Martens. Recommended, cause it is flown across the entire comms line!’ 9. The fountain, find your placeCover the fountain find your place source: els van steijn Grip on your life through insight into your family system – Els van Steijn I close the list with a book about personal development. Do you ever wonder why certain things in your life are not going the way you would like? This book will help you make a possible diagnosis of this. It gives you a  look at your life and find the right connection with the people around you. The fountain is a metaphor for the family system, to which you are more connected than you might think.

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place is in this world. Floortje Dessing says about this book: ‘I am intrigued by the theory of the fountain: the insights help me to continue to grow as a person.’ Offline or online Will you sit back this summer with one of these book tips? Hopefully you’ve gotten some inspiration from this list. If you prefer to dive into the literature online; audiobooks or e-books are also Venezuela Phone Number List available for most book tips. Last Sunday my colleague Romy wrote an article with 15 podcast tips . Also ideal if you prefer to sit down for a digital story this summer. Do you have any nice online and offline additions to the list of book tips? I’d love to hear them, let me know in the comments.

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