Deal Annotation Detail Example

Single Image Single Deal Annotation Detail Example Image is another effective way to showcase promotional information with your image. To create a single preview image, fill out the required information in the “Sender Details” section, including the path to your logo and a captivating subject line for your email. In the “Image Details” section, provide

Discount: Indicate the discount value being offered.:

Discount Code: Provide the specific code recipients must use to claim the discount. Expiration Date (if necessary): Select the date when the promotion Telegram Number Data ends. Click the “Generate” button to obtain your code for the deal annotation.  all necessary information, such as the image link and any relevant accompanying text. Click the “Generate” button to receive your code for the single preview image.

Single image example:

Telegram Number LIst

Image requirements Google has eased image requirements but added a new rule: images should have minimal text and accurately represent the message. Most common image aspect ratios are supporte with recommende ratios including 4:5, 1:1, 3:2, and 1.91:1. See best practices for images. the image preview of the email in PNG or JPEG format; images are center-croppe automatically; for product carousels, each image must have a unique URL and use the same aspect ratio;

Performance tracking:

To track the performance of email annotations. You can add a tracking pixel to the image(s) in the single image. Preview or product carousel. Though the links in  B2C Lead  product carousels remain untrackable. The pixel shows how many times recipients viewed the product cards. Knowing this data, you can run an A/B test to measure OR: segment your contacts and choose only those who use Gmail; ivide this half in two;
group A receives a regular email without annotations; group B receives an email with email annotations with the tracking pixel embedded;

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