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Stripo, along with Compare or for Both Groups other brands, is running A/B tests to demonstrate the benefits of these annotations. Our team is exploring a potential method for measuring the conversion rate of emails with annotations. As we conduct tests to determine its reliability, rest assured that we will share the results and provide a detailed explanation of the method if it proves to be effective.

Additional changes and expectations:

With the new version of Annotations for Promotions, your annotations will be Australia Telegram Number Data visible to recipients as long as your email reaches the Promotions folder, regardless of whether it makes it to the “Top Picks.” However, logos will only appear if the email is in “Top Picks” or if you authenticate yourself using Google’s BIMI standard.

Other notable updates:

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include the automatic creation of product carousels, direct navigation to your website upon clicking a product image in a carousel, and Google’s shift to support only JSON-LD (from the earlier JSON-LD and Microdata markups), but in fact, the markup format will also work if you connect the annotation in this format.
Gmail Annotations are exclusively available for whitelisted email senders. Wondering how to get whitelisted? Simply email Google at [email protected].

Keep in mind that:

test sends (test emails) won’t work. Google employs an internal tool to determine if an email is a single or mass message. The workaround? Try sending  B2C Lead  yourself a simulated mass email. As mentioned earlier, annotations are in the beta phase.  Google is experimenting with this feature alongside a selection of renowned brands. You may already be part of this testing group, even if you haven’t received any formal notification.

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