Common Email Marketing Mistakes

to avoid As you are working on email marketing campaigns, there are a lot of things that can go awry at any moment. From putting a broken link inside the copy to rendering issues, the effects of email marketing mistakes can go anywhere from “whatever” to a full disaster.

To be sure your:

email marketing strategy represents the company in the best way possible, make sure to avoid the following mistakes: Email marketing mistake 1. Buying Malaysia WhatsApp Number Data subscriber lists or sending unsolicited emails Since it takes time to curate a custom subscriber base, some marketers look for an easier way — such as purchasing a ready-to-go email database. Buying ready-to-deploy subscriber lists is one of the most common marketing mistakes. At first, it seems a perfect way to reach out to thousands of people, but in the long run, it turns out that purchasing an audience is not a viable marketing strategy.


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you should try to avoid the approach because the audience of the database didn’t sign up for an email — to most readers, your email will be irrelevant, so they will quickly flag it as spam. Every time your corporate email is reported is one time too many since the email client will filter it, and your email will not reach even genuine readers. As we know, being flagge as spam affects deliverability of future campaigns. Find other reasons that affect it in this Ultimate Email Deliverability Guide.

Even when collecting:

your database manually and adding to your list only those users who registered on your website  B2C Lead  or for an upcoming event, you need to get the user’s permission. According to the GDPR regulations and the CanSPAM rules, users, when subscribing to your newsletters or joining your website, must check the “I give my consent” box manually on their own. Registration Form for Marketing Campaigns for Personalize Messages Souce: Registration form on the MAC Cosmetics website Otherwise, your newsletters are considere unsolicite.

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