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The content arranges recent popular products and activities, or advanc products that the customer has been interest in.  Cart but not For example, products that have been plac in the shopping and brows will be brought in. At the same time, some information confirm by the community, such as product reviews or the number of purchases, will be add to strengthen customers’ trust in the brand and increase conversion opportunities.

Letter Care questionnaire with

Some incentives” if the first letter  does not succe in awakening, the second letter can give a little sweetness, and at the  Korea Telegram Number Data same time obtain some useful information through exchange to help us face churn issues in the future; design a simple questionnaire with less than 5 questions, and try ask about the score (nps) for people who are willing to recommend others, and then guide them to products, services, and purchase process satisfaction.

The received questionnaire results are

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Then record back to each customer. This can not only be us as a basis for grouping, but can also be us to further  Canada Telegram Number List identify issues that you want to discuss. Se list interviews. Letter 3 “Limit time and exclusive inducement” if the method of exchanging small sweeteners still fails to successfully arouse, then unlike other current activities, try to provide exclusive incentives for lost customers, combid with a limit-time countdown, and don’t be too stingy in giving incentives.

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