The importance of chat bots has already

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This type of video a lot of information can be conveye with little effort. Here, for example, one animate video . Communicate with your customers through video. It shows confidence and courage to show the real people behind the products and services. Receive greetings on anniversaries, today for purchase and trust. If there is a holiday, for example, Christmas, then the Christmas greeting through video looks very awesome. A short recommendation would be to definitely use video in the marketing of your product or service. There is no such product or service where video cannot be use. Video creates trust, people like it (statistics show it), video is love by Google , video shows good ROI (Return of investment), video brings more sales and money.

This trend will continue even more strongly

Contents Contents Chatbots are everywhere and even more like “real” people Chatbots keep getting better and smarter. grown in previous years, a lot of money has been directe to their development. In 2022,. Base on this article, it can be argue phone number list that by 2024 the total market value of chatbots will be 1.3 billion ( ). Soon it won’t matter who you talk to. Chatbots are no longer stupid, stamp -answer machines, but very smart and versatile helpers. Today’s chatbots can solve even the most complex customer problems and even order pizza or a taxi (for example, people living in the.

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The answers are very personal

USA can already order pizza and taxi rides B2C Lead through Facebook Messenger). Chatbots give companies a good opportunity to give answers very quickly, while . The influence of influencers becomes even more important If you’re marketing on Instagram (if you’re not already, start right now!), you’ve definitely come across an ad on someone’s account who isn’t actually a representative of the brand.

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