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The rulers of the Kremlin, for their part, also seem to understand this. But now, ever ready to resort to concealment techniques, they brand the entire European heritage as “toxic.” In hisThe Other War Between Techno-Authoritarianism and Surveillance Capitalism Carmen Colomina The war in Ukraine may be the one in which the two great global trends of digitization and social platforms measure their forces the techno-authoritarianism of Russia and China against the surveillance capitalism of Silicon Valley.

The other war between techno

Authoritarianism and surveillance capitalism The war in Ukraine is the first to go viral broadcast in real time, explain through fragments of images that, in a few seconds, try to reflect threats, fears, heroism and devastation. Military movements have been publish online. Digital cameras and social mia have become ubiquitous tools on the information battlefield. Dur the first weeks of the invasion, the Washton Post was able to track the movement of Russian troops in Colombia Phone Number List Ukraine us only videos upload to TikTok by users who shar images of tanks and soldiers in an increas viralization, to the point that The New Yorker report it.

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The Chinese application which has more

Than 1,000 million users, became the network for disseminat viral family choreographies dur the pandemic, and has now hundrs of thousands of young people who follow images of the war. in Ukraine at the rate your fer slides across the screen on your cell phone. Mov indiscriminately between emotionality, images of war and memes, reality and fiction are mix. As a clear example of this, one of the videos about Ukraine that has circulat the most B2C Lead on the networks, with more than seven million views, and which shows exhaust soldiers say goodbye to their families, turn out to be a scene from a Ukrainian film.

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