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The Communication Model compact. Boekentips cover the communication model source: wil michels. The tool for a communication strategy with impact – Wil Michels For communication to succee. It is important that organizational strategy, communication strategy and actions are linke to each other. This book offers a complete and clear approach in which vision, strategy and execution come together. Eric van den Berg writes about it in his review. ‘The compact communication model is intendd for fast thinkers and doers.

It is a book that you pull out of the

Closet when you get stuck. It is very suitable for small SMEs or non-profit organizations.’ 4. The art of behavior design Book tips cover the art of behavior design source: astrid. GroenewegenDiscover a practical method to guide choices and behavior – Astrid Groenewegen We all find Uganda Phone Number List behavioral change super interesting. But it is also extremely complex. That may be what makes it so fascinating. Because how do you actually get it done. The art of designing behavior provides answers to questions that help you with that. Like how do we make choices? What triggers us to take action? And what exactly is stopping us.

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The book is a masterclass and tool in one

Take advantage of it! 5. Scale ups & downs Guide your organization through every growth spurt – Wendy van Ierschot & Gerrit de JagerBook tips cover scale-ups and downs source: wendy van ierschot and gerrit de jager Managing a fast-growing company is not as easy as it sounds. , you suddenly find out that you can no longer do everything yourself. So how do you structure B2C Lead an inspiring organization that can deliver top performances. This book takes you through the four crucial phases of a scale-up. Gerrit de Jager’s funny and recognizable comics ensure that knowlege is conveye with humour. A must for every entrepreneur.

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