As Some of You May Already Know

in 2019, Gmail introduced As Some of You May Already Know annotations for promo tabs, allowing brands to showcase deals, featured products or categories, sale duration, and product images. This gave recipients a sneak peek into the email contents and grabbed their attention, leading to increased open rates (OR). Companies like Redbox have seen significant boosts in OR, clicks, and conversions.

Fast forward to the present:

and Google has undoubtedly introduced several updates to enhance this remarkable feature. Rest assured, we have kept pace with these advancements. Today we USA WhatsApp Number Data will go over the guide through the process of annotating emails using our updated builder. Building email annotations Email annotations can display various features in the Promotions tab, including deal annotations and product carousels. Due to Google updates, we have updated the previous version of the promotions builder.

The example below:

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shows all the details you can include in your promotional email (in this case, “Single image” or “Deal annotations.”) The banner will be displayed for those who create promos with a single image, and all the discount information with coupons and expiration dates for those who create deal annotations. Stripo example of promo tabs Stripo builder for Gmail promo ith our builder, you can create three types of promotional emails:

Product carousel:

Product carousels are an excellent way to display multiple image previews for a promotion. Enabling you to feature up to 10 unique images in a single carousel. Let’s take a closer look at guidelines through the process of creating  B2C Lead  product cards. Insert a link to an image of your logo in the designated field (Use an HTTPS (not HTTP) URL.) This logo will appear in Gmail’s inbox for the recipient to see. Enter a compelling subject line for your email in the space provided.

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