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It is a simple truth. And yet only the Russian left can say it. There is no one else. Note The original version of this article was publish in English in No War Left magazine . The original can be read here . Translation Carlos Diaz Rocca Relat Putin’s Russia or the spiritual disengagement of Europe Igor Torbakov Could Ukraine’s war art be anyth other than disaster porn? Vesna Maric How Putin’s war divides the communist diaspora Dimitri Deliolanes The “original sins” of the war in Ukraine vicken cheterian Excellent friends, but different China, Russia and the war for Ukraine How Putin’s war divides the communist diaspora Dimitri Deliolanes.

The Russian invasion of the Ukraine is

Caus arguments and divisions among the communist parties. While some consider the war an inter-imperialist confrontation, others justify various aspects of the invasion and in the case of the Communist Party of the Russian Feration directly supports the “military operation” together with other nationalist groups. <p>How Putin’s war divides the communist diaspora. The France Phone Number List Russian invasion of the Ukraine threatens to blow up the laborious attempts of the communist  organizational form three decades after the end of the Soviet Union. While the Italian Communist Refoundation Party  Rifondazione Comunista ], the French Communist Party (PCF) and the.

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Spanish Communist Party part of the

European Left Party) and the Chilean. Communist Party immiately condemn the Russian invasion. Without wait to be prompt, a few days after the outbreak of the war, 42 communist and workers’ parties and 30 youth organizations approv a document condemn the. Russian invasion as B2C Lead part of an “imperialist” war[there it is stat, for example, that. The decision of the Russian Feration to initially recognize the ‘independence’ of the so-call ‘People’s Republics’ in. Donbas and then proce to a Russian military intervention, which is be carri out under the pretext of Russia’s ‘self-defense’, ‘demilitarization’ and ‘de-fascization’ of Ukraine.

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