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They make the lives of web developers/programmers easier and more efficient. In the world of automation, people like nothing more than that: automate. Where AI in professions such as copy, design and advertising is already a huge revolution, within web development AI makes the difference between walking and flying. How can AI already make a difference for you as a web developer? We’re over halfway! About 2 months ago the idea arose to write a four-part about the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the (digital) marketing industry.

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Various crafts. Copy, design, web development and advertising. We started the series with our article on the impact on copywriting , followed by design . If you’ve read either or both of these articles, you’ll know that this series looks at both today and the future. It’s time for the third article in Senegal Phone Number List the series; the impact of AI on web development. . From walking to flying The fact that AI makes the difference between walking and flying in programming is something we regularly see today in development projects where the number of hours required can be divided by 10 compared to roughly six months ago.

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The impact (in a positive sense) will be for companies such as my own agency Positive, which itself offers web development to their customers. Quality goes up, costs go down and timelines get shorter. Programming languages ​​are well suited to AI Programming languages ​​are expressive like ordinary language, but bound by a strict syntax. This ensures that AI tools such as ChatGPT B2C Lead and Github Copilot can generate efficient and ‘correct’ code at lightning speed. These tools are also trained to build immense collections of open source code and to field all forums where errors are discussed and resolved.

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