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What is cdp? Thinker can connect data from multiple parties figure 1 | migo’s thinker customer data platform can connect After introduction  multiple sources of data to help brands create value.  professional consultants to assist the brand in formulating marketing strategies cdp products have rich functional interfaces. And operators ne time to become familiar with them. In addition. Cdp provides a large amount of data.

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These precious data into actual marketing strategies and actions. Excellent account managers can have an in-depth  Indonesia Telegram Number Data understanding of the enterprise. Nes and goals. Assist in formulating strategies. Continuously monitor and evaluate results. And make optimization suggestions bas on data. For example: migo plann a women’s clothing sleeping customer awakening project. Divid customers into groups bas on customer consumption frequency and membership level. Sent event message reminders in bands. And track delivery conversions from multiple automat communication lines.

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Of the consumer groups who visit the store. Successfully assist customers to wake up sleeping customer groups for Bolivia Telegram Number List  consumption. What is cdp and how does automat communication line work? Figure 2 | thinker customer data platform provides multiple channels of marketing automation communication. Industries suitable for introducing cdp. Corporate brands with customer experience as the core cdp customer data platform takes data as the core and returns to the “People-orient” marketing purpose.

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