A large amount of customer data is generat

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The first step in data analysis: data integration as consumers become increasingly accustom to switching between online and offline consumption scenarios. Brands ne to interact with consumers through multiple channels and marketing tools. Also. Due to the increasing number of contact points. In this case. Marketers face the challenge that although they have a large amount of customer data. The data is scatter in different databases and channels. Making it difficult to integrate and use it.

There are three  A large amount  possible scenarios that

Require data integration: 1. Retail industries that want to undergo digital transformation. Such as beauty Singapore Telegram Number Data  A large amount  care brands that want to integrate paper customer cards and online membership cards in physical stores. When customers check out. Store staff can select products bas on online members’ skin notes. Recommend and create a seamless customer experience service. 2. Health food brands with online and offline sales channels ne to integrate cross-channel customer consumption data to understand the preferences of consumers who actually purchase products.

With multiple physical channel brands

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How to collect consumption data scatter in various physical channels. Data integration and how to help marketers understand customers when advertising costs continue to rise and conversion rates are Ecuador Telegram Number List  difficult to increase. The key issue that marketers ne to solve most is how to comprehensively identify potential customers more effectively and gradually convert them into actual customers. In order to achieve this goal. It is necessary to have an in-depth understanding of potential customers.

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