A Guide to Understanding Lure Swimming

April 5, 2023 0 Comments

An excellent angler with a lure will usually do two things well: First of all, they understand the action of each lure that gives them results. Second, they cleverly adapt the action of swimming lures to the needs and situations of the fishing grounds.

But You Might Be Wondering: How Can I Know and Understand. Each Difference in Lure Swimming Action That Suits My Needs? Today I Will Make This Simple for You. All You Need is to Spend a Few Minutes. To Understand Each Type of Lure Swimming Action in the Article Below:

This article will cover the following topics Why do fish attack lures

Suspicious wet paint syndrome 6 types of Latest Mailing Database diving lures you need to know Factors that affect the action of lure swimming Things that determine the success of a lure.

Why Do Fish Attack Your Lure? mangrove jack on tiemco mad pepper What makes fish attack your lure even though it looks like a clown? Basically, most lures are created to vaguely imitate small fish, shrimp, crabs, squid and other food when pulled in the water.

But there are also lures that do not match any living thing at all, but are still effective.  I think is more applicable to fly fishing and soft plastics) For that reason, the lure does not need to look too realistic (like life), but as long as it is ‘teasing’ enough to make the fish suspicious.

Ever heard of ‘wet paint syndrome’ Wet Paint Syndrome

Latest Mailing Database

That Stimulates Suspicion.. wet paint Can you B2C Lead guess whether this paint is wet or dry? Try hanging a ‘wet paint’ marker on an object and place the object in a passerby’s place. Then note how many people passing through the area will try to touch the surface of the object. They will turn their fingers just to confirm that the paint is really wet?

Most people do, including you. This psychological effect not only applies to humans, but also to animals. (in this case, fish) If the fish has been suspicious of an object and is interested in examining it further, it will take the object with its mouth to taste it.

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